Thursday, January 3, 2008


The background is a grid of my hometown on Merseyside.


anotherdefault said...

Aidan Hughes, you have done another awesome artwork.

I was woundering, when you do work for KMFDM, how much is dictated by the the band, and how much is open to you?
Do they just give you a ring saying "We want somthing titled brimborium, have fun"? or is it more resrictive?

Jeff Ballard said...

Again, awesome.

Also, to follow up on anotherdefault... Did you make it clear to the band that there shall be no more *ahem* remixing of your work?

rakem 'rak' rakem said...

Yes, I did. There certainly will not be any further tampering with my work.

Big Mark 243 said...

Wow ... I have enjoyed your work for KMFDM for years. In the 90's, you were touring and you came to CPop gallery in Detroit ... am wondering if you still tour with your work, and am interested in seeing it in the future.

inc said...

great stuff you do. keep it up.

out of curiosity, what is the font that you use on kmfdm album covers? or does the band apply text and such on their own?