Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gods Looked On

A re-edited version of our entry to the 2002 Guardian 48-hour Film Challenge.

Written and directed by Gad Kuju, Aidan Hughes and Rory Wilmer

Starring Aidan Hughes and Paul Barker

Shot entirely on location in New Brighton, Wirral.

Thanks to the Wolf for the loan of the lighthouse and extra cinematography.


Big Mark 243 said...

This was way cool ... did I mention how much I liked 'King' Kirby and Steve Ditko?

I am a Marvel cat from the 80's ... John Byrne, Walt Simonson's Thor run in the 90's ... would love to hear your take on what is what in comics ... but I guess you do that elsewhere ...

BRUTE! said...

I have no idea what's hot at the moment in the graphic novel scene. I haven't really looked at any since I left the States. The last thing I was into was Geoff Darrell's Hard Boiled and Big Guy comics. I think what put me off was that they seemed to have lost their proletarian edge, the idea of cheap art in a kid's back pocket. I'm not saying I didn't keep mine in dust jackets too but I loved the pulp aesthetic of comics back then. The standard of storytelling has gone up but a lot of the superhero comics I've glanced at seem to be suffering from constipation of the Photoshop filter when it comes to the art.